A question for users that use Easel, only for sending G-code

The X-carve, using the Arduino/gShield or X-Controller, uses a serial port for operation of the machine. Anything that can read/write to a serial port has the capability of running the X-carve to use all of its features. There is no requirement to use Easel for anything.

Easel is a program that is the only program that I know of that will create and carve a project from beginning to end. One stop shopping so to speak. I understand why this is a popular selection.

Those that choose to use a different work flow (be it Vectric products, Fusion 360, whatever) to do their project must then decide how to send the G-code to the X-carve. There are many alternatives to use for this purpose rather than using Easel. A glaring problem with Easel as a G-code sender is that it will not send a file that has arc commands (G2/G3) in it.

Here is my question:

Why do people that use alternative CAD/CAM software go back to use Easel for sending the G-code?

Lack of time / no ambition to look elsewhere?
Lack of arc support dont matter to them?

For me it was the last.

I at one time did the same and for me I think it had to do with it being the program i had taught myself to use. Kind of like at my place of work when we perform a task then they find a better way and even though the new way is easier, faster and more efficient people will still revert to the old method it’s just a human nature thing I guess.

two reasons why I did in the past:

  1. easy setup walkthrough. Prompts for zero, probe, etc
  2. cloud. I could do everything on one computer, import Gcode to an Easel project then go load it on my Xcarve machine.

Now I just handle that via internal network storage of Gcode and use UGS.

Not sure why. Everything that is automated in Easel such as probing etc. can be done with macros in UGS.
But honestly, I have never used Easel. I couldnt get around the paid subscription for program use.

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Sending code thru Easel is free.
It is only certain fonts and use of V bit that require Pro version.
And even at that you get 4 free days.
I agree with Shane Bell

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  1. Easle is simple to use.
  2. I lack of knowledge about other senders or code needed to run them.
  3. Easle instructions were simple.

I hate being tethered to the internet and would jump at an alternative.