A Ruler would be great

I am wondering if the easel guru’s have ever considered adding a Ruler (similar to how it works in photoshop) so we could click on a point and drag to the next point to be able to see exact measurements.
I do try to count the number of squares and half squares in the grid, but when I would like the project to be millimetre perfect, it’s never really accurate.
I know I am being a bit pedantic, but it would be a great tool.
Just a thought.


It has been requested. I was thinking something like this would suffice…

One thing you can do is double-click your object and select a point on the edge you want to measure from (or temporarily add one for that matter) and make note of the X & Y coordinates. Then do the same for the other object. Simple math should get you the distance between the points…


Brandon Parker

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