A Samba staircase made with CNC

My biggest project to date - making a staircase with my CNC machine! It was a time-consuming project but real fun - and not to talk about what I have saved compared to buying it…my CNC really paid itself back bigtimes :smiley:

You can read about it here if you are interested.

Happy making!!



Whoa! That is awesome!

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Thanks :smiley: :smiley:

Hadde hatt noia for å gå ned den trappen etter en fuktig kveld på byen :wink:

He he har allerede testa det ut - null stress :smiley: Trappen er faktisk overraskende stabil og god å gå i!

Small machine, big project, much fun :slight_smile:
Gratulerer med kult gjennomført prosjekt!


Yes it was real fun and a steep learning curve for me and the machine - we are buddies now :smiley:

Thanks mate :smiley:

They are made of staved pinewood board (or how do you say it in english?). Two boards are glued together with the staves going in opposite direction to ensure strength in both directions.

I then also used wooden pegs and screws to strengthen the steps - and in the end glued a 4mm oak plywood plate on the top, both for finishing and to strengthen the construction even more.

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doubt that would pass building code in the US… shame because its super cool!

looks great. love those stairways.

Actually Jeremy they are surprisingly comfortable and safe to use. Because of the design you have support for the whole foot :smile:

Hi, well you do not put your feet on that part at all, you have to use the wide steps. Actually the design itself is not new, there are many suppliers of these kind of stairs :smile:

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Yeah great - just to make it superclear for everybody, walking from bottom to top its left-right-left-right…etc :slight_smile: This is why the design is good for places where you need a steep stairs - you will still be able to walk safely.

yeah it is a common design in boats and tiny houses