A Sign I made and tested bits

I did all of this in Vcarve Desktop The render looked ok but when I tried to do it the first time it was either too deep on the zeroing or the wrong bit was selected I do not have a very good selection of vbits yet. I did the second version and backed the vbit off about .1 after zero then I hit a clamp and knocked it off. I decided to change the font just was not looking good to me. I told VCarve to cut with a 60 degree .5" vbit and used the small engraver bit to get the final product speeds and feeds were whatever it had in the system seemed to have no problem. I just really do not have faith in the reducer bushing with the Bosch Colt and slid the gantry back by hand before cutting the profile but after changing to the 1/4" spiral downcut I lined it up close to the start point and did an air cut - looked good and so I zero’d the bit and it cut out perfectly. A little clean up and painting this one will look good. I plan on making little tiles that hang on hooks for the spot above days on the left a perpetual calendar for the shows I sell at.


It’s good going. It takes a little practice. When you’re changing the bit, do not turn power of, or try to move any axis by hand. use jog keys (arrows for X,Y. PgUp and PgDn for Z) just zero your new bit on flat surface. It will return to X-Y zero as soon as you send next Gcode then start carving. If you have rough edges, two problems associated. Either you have bad V bit or your RPM is very slow. Good luck.

I have been a bit busy at work and these hot days here are killing my productivity but I am pleased with the way it turned out so far. I gotta get the number tiles done next. May go over and paint the features in black like the nose mouth eyebrows I just could not find my detail brushes the last few days.