A Sincere Thank You to Inventables

I’m not a fan of the whole Easel Pro thing that’s happening and frankly, I won’t use it but that’s just me. I’m sure there will be plenty of people that do and will love it. But I would like to say Thank you. If it wasn’t for Inventables, I wouldn’t have a CNC machine. It would still be a pipe dream for me. I could never afford to put thousands into buying a machine and I wouldn’t have ever gone through the process of researching and learning how to build one, buying parts from here and there etc. and then building it. I was able to buy a machine, put it all together, ask questions, voice opinions and make friends with several people. All because Inventables created the xcarve and allowed me to buy one at a price I could afford. So I want to say Thank You to the Inventables group. You opened up a world for me that was previously only a dream. I will forever be greatful!


I’m not digging all the negativity that the advent of E-PRO has brought to this forum… I was invited to be part of the Pro Beta test group and considered that an honor (Thank you again Inventables for letting me be part of that) but even that Beta group discussion was too dramatic for my taste… (IMHO, Way too much complaining about cost and barely enough focus on functionality of the proposed features.)

I Love my machine and like @RobH would have only continued to dream if it weren’t for someone at Inventables having a similar dream/vision…

THANKS @Zach_Kaplan and your ENTIRE team.