A tip for unequal thickness of boards

Am making a few wine bottle holders and am using side panels that vary in thickness from about 15/16ths to 9/16ths.
Wanted to cut openings for handles and needed to figure out how to cut them without having to reset the Z axis to save the spoilboard from being even more distressed.
Once a clamping method was worked out that registered the boards, I used my 1-2-3 block (using the 1" side to probe the Z axis. Worked well just carved some air until the bit lowered to the workpiece made the through cut, and did not touch the spoilboard. Any spacer could be used for the probe, I just like the 1-2-3 blocks because they are precise and repeatable as probe blocks.

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I think what you are saying is that you tell the program that your material is 1" and use the 1" block to set the Z zero.
That is a good plan of attack and with other programs you can choose to zero off the spoil board which is basically what you are doing.

@MarkA.Bachman, I was looking for a way to probe off the spoilboard & found out that Easel does not seem to have that capability. so using a precise machined block to set the Z axis works well.

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