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**Hello! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I was asked to try to carve out the logo for 2d Tank Battalion at the Marine Corps base in Camp Lejeune and I cannot seem to be able to figure out how to adjust it for a clean carve. Does anyone have any suggestions for the image below?


Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

What problem are you having? I see a lot of jpeg compression artifact in the yellow fill areas, but otherwise looks a like a fairly easy v-carve logo… some of those lines may be very thin for a v-carve and might carve super shallow… I assume you have this as a vector, not a bitmap?

I do not, sir. I am trying to learn how most people take images and use trace functions to create an image that is more easily carved. All I have for that particular logo are the image files available on public domain on google. The Image Trace function doesn’t get me very far with that particular logo. Thank you very much for your time, sir!

So here is the logo from a higher res image. Now this is a color trace in Illustrator so you’ll have to clean it up (i.e. decide which paths you do and don’t want to keep in a tool like Inkscape or Illustrator since that’s your part).

secondtank.svg.zip (101.9 KB)


Hey, did you get this figured out? I use Inkscape to draw and trace these logos. I would recommend getting a good copy of the EGA and 2dMarDiv logos, as there are plenty of versions that are good out there. The rest of the logo wouldn’t be too difficult tracing in Inkscape. It would just be a little time-consuming… Also, Inkscape is free.

Here’s a quick vcarve version of your image and a file for you to try.

tank.nc (401.1 KB)
You can then hand paint the colors you need inside the cuts.

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