A tsuba for Japanese sword restoration

A tsuba cut from jewelers wax ready for lost wax casting. These used to take forever the old fashioned way with sculpting tools. Lovin’ my X-Carve.


and I just finished making this cat. It’s pretty realistic.


NIce work on the wax.
Cat looks pretty good too but you messed up one of the ears…

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I do a couple of antique sword restorations each year. The last one was a Nobukuni from the 1380’s. Definitely the oldest one I have had my hands on.

Nobukuni restoration

Nice job with the wax… You can tell the other one is photoshopped though… nice try!

the female is sleeping on the chair in front of the desk

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I hope they get off when that thing is moving.

A good eye can tell the cat is a fake! Practice makes perfect.

What size mill did you use for the hair? like a 1/128?

trade secrets

I don’t think the cat is fake look at the reflection in the window. I think this is like the lunar landing. You could see the reflection in the space suit visor.

busted. the window is actually fake. I photoshopped it in.

called it!