A unique ruler

Heres something I’d like to see. A ruler 36.4cm long. 2mm at the beginning then a scribed line, then for each centimeter to be divided into 12 equal parts (with scribed lines), to be continued for each of the 36cm ending with 2mm blank space.

P.S. my X-Carve ordered, not received yet.

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One has to ask why?

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Currently its either imperial or metric measurement, so for the heck of it lets make a combination of the two. Metric is base 10, ergo it can only be divided equally by 1,2,5 and 10 whereas imperial uses base 12, so it can be divided equally by 1,2,3,4,6 and 12. The reason 36cm long is it would be physically close to a 12in ruler while still maintaining the same fractional relationship as a 12in ruler. Of course i might not be explaining things correctly.

I thought this would be a fun thing not an actual production item. I know once my machine arrives I’m going to take a stab at it.


While not metric, you can easily get printer’s rules (also called a line gauge.)

12 points to a pica, 6 picas to an inch.

Better way is just stick with one system, imperial, or - as most of the world does - metric.

Oh my god , you get it, you get it! Although things will always match up to metric at least to a cm and a half.

I just assumed the OP was from Myanmar - they don’t use the metric system there. :grinning:

Guess as I get older, I get denser. His explanation sounded sort of logical…

Again i clarify its a NOVELITY item. Not to be used for anything other than to say huh, look at that. I dun made me a Imperial Metric Ruler.

To me the math and concept (for a novelity item) is sound. 36cm is just a touch over 14in. Me, i just want to make it because no one else has. It would be the first.

Plus I’m twisted and like goofy ideas.

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