A way to measure, ie; a drop in feature with brackets in (in & mm)

Hi there, I
I think it would be very useful to add in a way to measure. In lieu of using the graph, Having the ability to drop in a I_____I bracket that is expandable to measure things would help so much thanks!

Indeed…! This is something that people often request.

Unfortunately, it looks like the server has eaten my image from the post below…

You can measure between two items by selecting one of the right coordinate selectors of the left-hand object and one of the right coordinate selectors of the right-hand object. Then, simply subtract the left from the right and that gives the difference between the two objects. I know that is not what you are after, but it will at least work until Easel is updated with something better.

EDIT: I updated the post with a new image, but here it is again just in case the server forgets where the image in the other post is…again.

EASEL Measuring Tool


Brandon Parker

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