A way to set the width and/or side gap for drawers?

I know more mounting hardware is coming in the future, but something that could help in the meantime would be a way to customize the space between the drawer and the box.

Right now, if I want to use cheap drawer slides, I’m not sure they’ll work with the spacing for the (very expensive) Blum drawer slides. So I’m left with either:

  1. Not creating the drawers using the generated dimensions at all. This is obviously a big setback for using the software.
  2. If the space is too wide, manually padding out the drawers (and at the same time, having drawers that are narrower than they could be)
  3. Trying to generate drawers the right size by making mock cabinets and combining those drawers with the right cabinet sizes (which is error-prone).

Obviously the long-term goal is to have it work with different hardware, but I’d be happy just being able to adjust the size if I don’t want to use the given hardware. Maybe drop in a “custom” option for the slides, and that shows an option to override the default spacing.


I am doing more research as I am getting different results and I want to make sure I am providing correct advice in my answers.


Upon doing a bit of research on Blum 563, I realize the gap between the drawer box outside width and the cabinet inside width changes depending on the thickness of the drawer box materials. This is because Blum specifies the drawer box inside width must be 42mm less then cabinet inside width. Also they specify the drawer sides not be thicker then 5/8"

When using epoxy slides or ball bearing full extension the required gap is 1/2" so it would require Easel Cabinetmaker to allow us to specify the difference between Cabinet Inside Width and Drawer Box Outside Width.

So this is my Request for New Feature Add.

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Yeah, this is basically what I want—the ability to specify a 1/2" gap. The gap currently produced is hard to work with for simple slides.

I have my drawers set to 1/2" material, with 3/4" cabinet boxes, and right now the final gap appears to be coming out to .733" or something similar. It’s hard to determine this accurately, though.

I need to make a sample cabinet to confirm this, but I’m in the middle of some big shop renovation (for which building cabinets will be a part of soon).

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Phil and Robert,

Thank you for sharing your feedback! It really helps for our team to be able to understand feature requests are important to cabinet makers - I really appreciate the depth of context and information you both provided.

We certainly want our users to be able to manufacture every component of their cabinets with our solution. Our team has discussed adding additional options to fully customize drawer dimensions, spacing, and related hardware. We have plans to address some of these changes in upcoming developments, although currently our team is primarily focused on building cut lists for traditional manufacturing and an estimation tool to assist with calculating pricing and profits.

As we take on some of theses drawer-customization developments, we may reach out for additional feedback to validate any changes before we launch them. We’re also working on setting up a better library of resources and support content, including diagrams and instructional information for supported hardware. Please stay tuned and continue reaching out as you have new questions and feedback to share!