A year later

… and I still watch my X-Carve carve away into wood like its the first time … every minute! :slight_smile:

hopeless… :slight_smile:

Happy Gobble Gobble to my Canadian friends…


My son (3) just discovered exactly what the machine does, now every time he comes into the garage he wants lifted up to watch it (after he locates my measuring tape). I should get him his own stool, he’s too darn heavy to keep picking up.


I’ve had a 3D printer for a couple of years before my X-Carve and I still get “stuck” watching the printer work - it’s just magical (to quote Apple). However it wasn’t until I built the X-Carve that I got the “OMG, I built a robot!” feeling.

There was one time recently that I had a 3D print going at the same time as a carve on the X-Carve and I was sitting on the couch upstairs watching both on their respective webcams that I realize I had outsourced myself to automation in my hobbies.


How about “You extended your creativity”?


Pick him up and hold him every chance you get. When you get to be my age he will be too embarrased to let you even try. :wink:


Or I’ve got minions locked in my basement


Wow i just looked at the original date I got my x-carve and it’s been 2 1/2 years, Time flies when you’re carving away!!!


That’s IT!! I couldn’t put a name on it, but that’s IT!!


I did a trade as a machinist and then worked much of a lifetime in the heavy mining rail industry (iron ore). I’ve machined loco wheels while they’re still on the loco (underfloor wheel lathe) and used all sort of really cool, really big gear.

… and I still get caught staring for ages at my machine, as it feverishly works away in my shed.

Never lose the wonder, its a GOOD thing

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