Ability to fine tune the grid in Easel

The grid in Easel hits the major cardinal points every inch, can this be changed to every 1/2"?

Since there is no grid snap, why the spacing matters to you? just as a visual clue?

With the added functionality of putting a radius on the corners, it would help me line things up. A snap feature would be awesome as well.

+1 for adding a Snap-to-grid feature to Easel and for having the ability to define a new grid spacing. Worked on a quick and dirty project in Easel last night and would have loved to have these features then.

Would love to have these features also

just wanted to bump this up. was looking for a way to make a finer grid, i am not alone.

please do this inventables, i am trying to line up small radius in a rectangle

Yes is there a way to change the grid. like 1/2" or 1/4". would be extremely helpful when having to place stuff in a certain area