Ability to lock a project file

Ability to lock a project file.

I have a project that won’t cut as a single file so need to have several files that reference a start point. Also need to make several copies of the item.

It is easy to move, jog, or otherwise move an element accidently, so it would be nice when the file is complete to have an option to “lock it”.


This is a real problem with Easel. It is too easy to move an object and mess up hours of work.

I’ve a 4 part project that I am going to start over on in the morning because I can’t find the place where something got out of line.

There needs to be a select tool that does not double as a move tool. This is a must have feature.

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I agree, there needs to be a hand tool that allows to pan around the drawing with out moving anything.

you can pan freely all over with the mouse. We need a selection tool.