About had it!

OK bout had enough of this thing. I replaced the stepper motor rechecked all the wires. And it still stops on the x about mid way jogging. No matter what I do it just stops! . Y works fine Z works fine. Even going right to left seems to work alot better then z going left to right it just stops almost in the middle of the board every time. WHAT COULD THIS BE??? I’m tired of all the little problems and know seems to have a answer. Almost 3 years of non stop problems with this mickey mouse stuff.

What do you mean by “it just stops”?
Are there any errors?
Is the machine binding, skipping steps?
Why’d you replace your stepper?
Can you post your grbl settings?

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When it stops, try moving the drag chain/wires. it may be possible to have a breakin the wire within the wire’s insulation.


IT just stops going from left to right on the x. No binding. I replaced the stepper because that is what I thought it was. Explain how post grbl and well do.

That could be but at the same (close) spot all the time? Should I just replace them as well?

You say you have had the X-Carve for 3 years…do you still have the dual extrusion X-Axis? Did you do any mod to tie the two together (bolts, steel plate…)

If the extrusions have separated/bent/flexed in the middle it will bind the wheels and stop motion.

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My money would be on a broken wire inside the sheath or maybe a pinched wire shorting out. Especially if this tends to happen at almost the same spot the majority of the time. Wire is cheap insurance. Make sure to use a stranded wire when you replace them. Solid wire will work harden as it flexes and cause the wire to break. I would replace all wiring between the controller and the stepper motors without hesitation.
Even if this does not solve the problem, it completely eliminates another variable in the equation.

SOFT LIMITS if stop is consistent.
Possibly hard limits if not. If it’s hard tripping then ferrites are your friend.
Wire short is unlikely. Post your grbl settings.
And include any noises you hear. Pics help too.

Side note:
(Dial the frustration down to a health 9.5. We all wanna help but your frustration is already felt within us all and does not need to be supplied. :kissing_heart:)


To verify or rule out, set $20=0 and retry.
If it is =0 already then it is not soft limits.


Soft Limits wouldn’t allow the command to even start if it would violate the soft limits.

Hard limits would still indicate a potential wiring issue but with the home switch and not the stepper.

It’s either the drag chain causing a problem or a wire broken in the drag chain that when you get to that certain bend radius.

I’d replace the stepper motor cable from your electronics to the motor. Go to home depot or lowes and buy the 4 wire shielded security wire and replace it. Take the new piece, tape it to the end of the old piece and so you can pull the old out while threading the new into the drag chains.


Wire is on the way. Hope that is the problem thank you.

Explain how post grbl and well do

Send $$

You enter $$ in the Console shown in the video below, and click Enter.
The current GRBL values will appear.

To change a value, for instance $100 simply type **$100=new value" and press Enter
A reset may be required.



When I was rebuilding the Shapeoko 2 for OlyMEGA makerspace, I replaced all the wires with 18 gauge 100 strand silicone insulated test lead wire. It is super flexible and you can get it in rolls in more colors.

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Curious as to whether or not the OP has solved this issue!
Please update us on this…

Yes it is pretty close now.