About Sorting?

Would anyone have any guidance on sorting the cutting space to maximize usable space?
On my vinyl cutting software whenever you add shapes it will puzzle them together to fit all availiabe space. Is there a similar feature for small shapes? If not would anyone have a way to accomplish this. Thank you for any help.

Also, I would be welcome to know the common terms used for the cutting area and shapes we intend to cut out. I could not search effectively.

What you are looking for is something that will arrange full-depth cuts into the most efficient use of space so you can maximize yield from a given piece of material, or within a given area. Correct?

I think the function you’re looking for is nesting shapes for efficient use of material. As far as I know, there are no apps for Easel that do this, so I think you would have to find something outside of Easel.

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yes, that sounds exactly like im looking for. Thank you

I believe V-Carve Pro and Aspire offer nesting.

Nesting is what you are looking for as @KimberlyFranzen points out. Although not possible with Easel there are programs that offer this feature. You would just need to change your workflow to accommodate this space saving regime.

Deepnest is a stand alone program that can help you with this concern.

I haven’t tried it myself, but by the description it appears to accomplish what you are looking for. However, this program has the ability to merge common segments which would be helpful for laser cutting, not cnc. I would imagine there would be some sort of offset you can use to facilitate this to keep shapes separated.

Note: Out of curiosity I downloaded the program and found out that it in fact has a setting to keep parts from merging.