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Really curious about the charge for easel pro. Easel is a great program easy to use and very helpful in climbing the learning mountain of the CNC world. I am very grateful it exists. I just cant help but wonder why a charge for v-bits is required, I kinda understand the charge for more fonts. I am new to the world of CNC, so please help me understand.
Wayne Kuhn
Columbia MD

I don’t understand about Easel PRO. Can’t Even Find Out how to Purchase it. I use Easel & Love it
For 8 Months I’m looking for ANYTHING about the cost & what it does Different from free Easel. I have V Carve Pro 9
Do I even need Easel Pro ???

I am trying to figure out if Easel or Easel pro will do what I need. I have a 2d Image and I would like it converted to a 3d image. Thing starting with a circle and converting it to a ball, not what I am doing but it should help explain what I am trying to do. I played with the online application a little but it just produced a circle.

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I’m new to X carve and Easel Pro and was wondering is there a way to separate stuff once its combined?

Help Please,
My Computer crashed and Lost my Easel Pro drivers, Had computer repaired, and reloaded the drivers but now the Program dosn’t recognize the usb Ports. I’m running Windows 10.
How do I get it to Recognize the ports… Ive gone to Driver manager, but theres no Port numbers or I cant find them, Dont want to wait till Monday when Live support opens to get help Thru them…

Thanks a bunch
pulling my Hair out in Detroit,
Will VonLinsowe

I have the same problem. Don’t know if I need it I have VCarve pro
& Mach 3. Found Easel to be kind of useless next to Mach 3 (Which I can’t use with XCarve)


I am new to the X-Carve and am trying to get it set up on Easel Pro. Is the Product Key the Lot number on the machine. I bought this unit used so it is all new to me with limited information for me to go off of. Thanks Gary

are the suggested bits on easel a good starter set?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

On the purchased Easel pro, If i decide to purchase a second x-carve, do i have to purchase the easel pro for each individual machine, or can my standing license work for two machines.
I have been enjoying the x carve, it is like having a second hand for me in my woodshop. I build a lot of wedding things, and i can glue up planks and set them up and have x carve cut out different shapes as i work on other things. after having this one a month or so, it has increased my productivity in the shop by eliminating some tasks i was doing by hand therefore giving me more time to do the other things needed on project.

I am using Easle Pro trial. How can I use my touch probe?

Hello! I was wondering where I could find someone to design my project in easel pro (for money)? I receive my X carve pro in April so I want to hit the ground running. Thanks again!!!

my easel wont let me jog it

Is there a ruler function on Easel pro to more precisely provide design on the wood to be used? I have a couple projects where the x-carve performed much closer to the wood edge than it showed on Easel in the design. Moreover it would be a significant benefit to be able to know precise distances in the design to the wood or other design elements while you are working in Easel. I have looked for such a tool but cannot local a ruler function in the software

where do I go to ask a question

I am using Easel Pro with my Onefinity and it has been working great except when i have it carve letters it is not consistent. I am currently running the simulator with my 60 degree V Bit and it is showing that all the letters are cutting out but when i run it on my project some of the letters cut great, others are missing parts. Any thoughts on how to fix this? seems like i heard something about not using easel to create the g code but i am not sure how to do this. Help Please!!

It would be better if you have V Carve pro 9

how are you guys posting things on the forum. I see no way for me to create my own post?