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Easel is the free 3D Carving software made by Inventables. It's the only software you need. However if you want to use your favorite design, CAD, or CAM tool you can export from those tools and import into Easel.

This category is to discuss software.

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After doing much research on the different machines, I'm leaning towards the X carve.
but my dilemma is with the software.
Shapeoko provides all the software necessary with their machine.
I understand this to mean I will have a free standing system in my shop.
X carve (in my understanding) says that I need to have internet access to use the software.
I do not have internet access in my shop.
am I dead in the water in my X carve purchase?

I use Corel Draw to do my artwork. There are a ton of file formats that it will export to. What file extension does Easel use?

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SVG would be the best format for importing vectors.

It will also take DXF, Bitmaps, and Gcode.

I have yet to “pull the trigger” and purchase the x-carve. I’m still trying to decide if my hobby needs another tool. Are there any GOOD videos that demonstrate the machine’s capabilities?

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I would like to use just pre fab stl models purchased online. Do I need to use other programs to load them into easel? If you hadn’t guessed I am totally a newbie to all of this and just want to do simple 3D carving.

Just wondering if there is any way to export a file from Easel. I use easel to lay out a lot of designs and sometimes I would like to take my art that I spent time creating and maybe send it to a screen printer or to a Vinyl cutter.
This time to be exact I was looking to send a design to a PVC Patch manufacturer. I would like to be able to send him a lets a an SVG so he can just load it and boom art work done. It just makes things take longer and unprofessional sending a pic from my cell phone.