About to buy a kit, but the cart software limits my choices


I’m about to buy a kit, but I think I would need a real person to work my shoping cart out. Here is what I need:

A 500mm kit without the spindle. But I still need the Quiet Spindle adapter (52mm) that can’t be ordered individually as it’s “back order”.

Also, I would exchange (and pay the difference of course) two of four 500mm bars for two 1000mm or one 1800mm as I will built a 500x710mm machine.

Finally, when doing this kind of mods to a kit, the shopping cart builds two different shipping orders, I’d rather get it all together in the same box and save on shipping.

So should I just make my (imperfect) order and leave a special note explaining my wishes? Should I talk to someone, if so, how can I do that?

Thank you guy for your great work and all the time you take to answer to poeple like me.

I’d recommend giving them a call:


Everything I’ve heard about their customer support has been top notch, I bet they’ll be able to get you sorted out.

Thanks Peter. I don’t know how, but I was not able to find this contact info! :sleeping:

We operate the phones starting at 9am CST.

thanks Zach.