ABS cut text and invert cut

sorry for bad english but i wonder if someone can help
i cut text from ABS color white (this is the demo text : http://easel.inventables.com/projects/iOsfkFrVEm39p-VJ6rQIBA) already cut and cant recut a new one
and now i want to cut a out the same letters from a red ABS but the letter dont fit to the prev cuts (demo http://easel.inventables.com/projects/PMv2vEPoITPpOrcqiCrH3g)
please i dont know what to do ill tip the fixer

The white one you have cutting to the inside and the red one you have cutting to the outside.

this is what i did but its not fit, the white cut is rounded corners and the red one isn round

Something that small you will need a smaller bit than the 1/8", I set it up using the 1/32" bit and it looks better.
You will just need to sand the edges.

i know i did the mistake with the white ABS but i can copy the white cut to the red ? like reverse ?
i cant cut a new white one :disappointed_relieved:

Look at this thread it should help you

it’s not helping but thanks for trying
arrrr i think i’ll buy new abs :cry:

remember the you are using a round bit to do the carving. The outside of any corner can not be any sharper then the radius of the bit, hence the inside of the cut leaves square corners while the outside leaves slightly rounded corners. V-Care can give you a sharper appearing corner by using a v bit (it has a radius hat diminished to 0.0)