Absolute newbie question

Hi I just finished setting up a BlueCarve Bluey (i am in Aus) and think I have bitten off more than I can chew…

I am wanting to do signs in MDF and Arcylic and I have searched this forum and youtube and cant get settings correct and so confused…

I have seen the settings for MDF in this forum as: 1/8" two flute down cut bit at 1200mm/min with 1.8mm steps Dewalt 611 at 1.5-2 for speed.

how does this get put into the easel settings i.e. ?
When I customise settings in Easel for: Feed Rate … Plunge … Depth… Spindle Speed (1.5-2)

I know once I get something to successfully carve, my brain will start to understand and I can experiment with other settings but having a total newbie blank and frustrated… Any suggestions would help please


See upper right corner in Easel.
Click Cut Settings and choose wether you run with Automatic settings (Easel suggestions) or Manual, where you enter your desired parameters :slight_smile:

Thanks. Is there any benefits changing the settings at all?

Easel setting are conservatives so it is a good place to start. After you run your machine for a while you may see you need to speed things up or slow them down. Everyones machine is different and you will need to learn from the machine what it can handle. Your best bet is to start with the Easel settings and get familar with the machine then go from there.