Accidentally lowering the router and hitting the table

I recently accidentally lowered the router while it was off and the router bit hit the table and lifted on the gantry. Im not positive, this caused it, but now I have 2 top v wheels, one on each side, that are loose, no matter how tight they are and how much I adjust the bottom’s. I also noticed when using a end mill bit, while moving in the x axis, the router chatters and not cutting smoothly. Has anyone done this and did it damage the v wheels

I haven’t done that myself, so just a first guess: are the bolts of the v-wheels bend by any chance?

Chattering on the x axis might be explained by loose v-wheels. Can you attach some pictures / videos?

I looked to at them and they don’t appear to be bent, but you can’t get a perfect look at them from a straight line. Ill take a video today and post how the router bit looks like it’s chattering. You can see in the wood where it just carved, it’s not a smooth cut

Maybe you bent the bit a little?

Maybe you bent the bit a little?

Also possible. I would remove bit and screws and roll them over a flat surface. That way you will see whether anything is bend or not.

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