Accuracy for Smaller Cutouts

I’m considering picking up an X-Carve for a project we are working on where I’ll need be cutting small diameter holes (10mm and 18mm) into a plastic case.

My question is about accuracy:

  1. when cutting holes very close to each other (2-3mm gap) and
  2. when the cuts need to be perfectly circular and not oblong or jaggy

How accurate can the xcarve be?

My other options are to use a drill press, which makes perfect holes but is time consuming, or outsource the milling. Financially, it’s a wash but the advantage of the X-Carve is in rapid prototyping if the accuracy is there.

The X-Carve is capable of machining these holes perfectly assuming the material can support a 2-3mm gap.

Another thing to consider with the accuracy is being able to hold down the material. Two methods for this are using our clamp system or double sided tape. If the material moves your accuracy will not be as desired.

Thanks for answering my newbie questions!

I am assuming a stable material and work surface, both of which would be a problem with any method.

I’m only asking because I’ve seen some CNC examples that have some pretty jittery edges. Not necessarily X-Carve examples, just wondering if that’s a tradeoff with smaller/less expensive machines.