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Accurate measurements

I’m trying to draw a guitar fretboard with fret slots and even importing the DXF from Fret Find2D the accuracy is lost in the import, so is there a way of drawing to .001" tolerances? I can’t find a measuring rule facility or is it just me? Any help greatly appreciated Thanks.

No, there is not a measure tool in easel. However, if you clip on the object the drop down menu appears and you can enter the exact coordinates of the fret to .001

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Phillip I’m very grateful for your thank you. I’m a bit new to all of this and at 70 I may have left it a bit late but every day is a new adventure so thanks again my friend, by the way I’ve subscribed to your channel a good place to learn. :+1:

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There is one other thing I’m having a problem with Phillip and that is in drawing my fretboard I have used individual lines and using the drop box that are quite accurate so I have basically made a trapezoid for the fretboard the trouble is when I carve I don’t get the option to cut inside/outside or on shape? I’m guessing that because they are separate lines they’re not recognised as a “shape”? I’ve tried select all and combine but it doesn’t seem to work? Any pointers please? Thanks again :blush:

Found when zooming in the two corners weren’t connected. It now works. Thanks anyway.

I wonder if anyone can help I have treated a 1/2 Acoustic guitar body and flipped it to create a perfectly symmetrical shape the trouble is I now have a line through the centre that I can’t remove? I’ve tried edit points but deleting any just ruins the shape is there a way to isolate a single line and delete it? Everywhere I click just selects everything??
Thanks for any help.

Hope this helps. If everything selects when you click on 1, hold down the shift key on your keyboard and click on the items you don’t want to include. The shift key allows multiple selections whether selecting individually or removing selected items individually.

Use the Shape Exploder… OR XPloder apps these are 2 separate Apps found in the Tools (Lego Button on the left)

Try both of these to see which generates the results you are looking for, but one of these should handle separating stuff…

Then if you want to re-join certain items to make the selection of like items easier, select them (using shift to select multiple) and then combine (Edit>Combine OR Ctrl+J)

Hey Guys thankyou for your help. So I looked at Xploder and it removed the whole half section leaving the cut out . I put this about where i wanted it then copied it and flipped horizontally and joined the two halves, then selected cut outside shape which left the centreline again so I selected combine and Hey Presto! it disappeared. I may have gone around the houses (at my age everything takes the long route​:joy::rofl:) but thank you all for your help it worked in the end

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