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Accurate measurements

I’m trying to draw a guitar fretboard with fret slots and even importing the DXF from Fret Find2D the accuracy is lost in the import, so is there a way of drawing to .001" tolerances? I can’t find a measuring rule facility or is it just me? Any help greatly appreciated Thanks.

No, there is not a measure tool in easel. However, if you clip on the object the drop down menu appears and you can enter the exact coordinates of the fret to .001

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Phillip I’m very grateful for your thank you. I’m a bit new to all of this and at 70 I may have left it a bit late but every day is a new adventure so thanks again my friend, by the way I’ve subscribed to your channel a good place to learn. :+1:

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There is one other thing I’m having a problem with Phillip and that is in drawing my fretboard I have used individual lines and using the drop box that are quite accurate so I have basically made a trapezoid for the fretboard the trouble is when I carve I don’t get the option to cut inside/outside or on shape? I’m guessing that because they are separate lines they’re not recognised as a “shape”? I’ve tried select all and combine but it doesn’t seem to work? Any pointers please? Thanks again :blush:

Found when zooming in the two corners weren’t connected. It now works. Thanks anyway.