Achilles heel AKA eccentric nuts = spacers + nyloc?

Hey! I think besides the X axis rigidity, the eccentric nuts carving the metallic part and unscrewing is probably the main issue to solve after assembling the cnc.

I bought some eccentric spacers but I wish to know if this really solves the issues.

Who replaced the nuts with spacers+nyloc? It is really better? (I bought the normal spacers, not slim ones, so I am not sure if I should file them down or use a larger screw… filing them down has the positive that the surface finish will be rough= more anti-slip)

Yes, using eccentric spacers, longer screws and nylocks is a GREAT improvement. It lets you adjust position and tension separately, which makes adjustment SO much easier.

A little loctite goes a long way :slight_smile:



Yes, but it is not that convenient to make adjusts :confused: