ACME Lead screw

I finished installing X-Carve about a week ago, cut two signs with no problems.
Only problem is ACME lead screw is not straight, Rolling out off center and making noise once every 360 turn.
Delrin nut is fairly easy to go up and down after apply Drill trick, but when install with two screws to the base, that bent motion is forcing the nut and making squeaking noise. Do I need replacement or you have idea to straight it up.

@AlanDavis Sory to hear about this. You should contact for a replacement.

For issues like this, contacting them directly will be faster than the forum Their first priority is the phones and email.


I’m having the same problem here too

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Sorry I couldn’t get you back earlier. Yes I received new Acme screw, still the same. Took it to machine shop, attached to Lathe with copper holder not to give damage to teeth. When started to turn, we realized that screw and shaved end for bearing is solidly straight. Nylon lock nut holding end have problem on both acme. Shop worker said this screw teeth was open with hand and not straight. When using nylon lock nut to tight it down, problem arises. He took the risk and screw one long nut to screw end and bent back to balance point as much as he can. It seems fine now. For your reference, you need to pay attention on That screw end. If your guys using hand tap/Die set, it wont work. Just my thought.
Again, thanks for quick send out for replacement part. I would’ve be more comfortable if I paid for it.

still havent called for a replacement @BartDring, do you think if i calle now i would still be able to get a replacement? ik its been a while but it worth a shot

Email them or give them a call, I’m certain they’ll get you sorted out straight away.

Hi Sergio, The replacement I received have exact same problem. Looks like they have zillion Lead screws already made in hand (and made by hand.)
You may want to take yours to machine shop instead. They can straight it up for you. Cost me $5.

well its worth a try since i really dont have any machine shops anywhere near me. the other option i would have is try it myself, i have a copper clamp and try to eye ball it strait. but i rather try a new acme rod first and if i have problems with both acme rods then i will consider finding a machine shop and possibly shipping it to get straitened. and my rod isnt as bad as yours i assume, as mine only makes noise on the bottom half of the rod ( not even its just a particular part maybe an inch long, i have it marked with a black sharpie on from where to where it makes noise)

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Mine is not straight too. Makes noise when nut moves over an area about 2/3 way down from top.

I have the same problem. Bent screw on the original and the replacement is bent in the same spot (about 2" from the bottom). :frowning: not cool.