ACME screw groaning noise

Hello Everyone,

I have been running my X-carve for a few months now and it just started making a groaning sound
on the bottom end of the Z-axis. It looks like there is a little wobble at the bottom. I have checked all of
the nuts and wheels on the Z-axis carriage and everything is tightened just like a new build. If I hold the
bottom of the screw with my hand, the noise stops. I’m hoping it’s something some of you more
experienced users can talk me through.

Travel without holding the screw:

Travel while holding the screw:

I would check the v-wheels and put a drop of thin lub on the screw

I put some dry lube on the screw as the first thing I tried and ran up and down a few times to spread it. This morning I readjusted the v wheels. I made them tight enough that one finger won’t turn them but 2 fingers can with a little effort.
I haven’t removed the screw to check on a flat surface yet. That may be the next step.

Slightly loosen the mounting screws on the black delrin screw block.

That made it a little worse. Tightened then back down and ran the assembly up and down a few times. Seems to be fixed now.

I had the same issue and put a wee bit of silicone spray on the lead screw and it seemed to fix it. Carving away again with no further problems.

I had done that. It seems I needed to take the spindle out and retighten the screws on the delrin nut.