ACME Z-Axis Lead Screw Labeling Issue

Step 8: ACME Lead Screw Kit:

SKU 30396-01 does not seem to exist in my kit. My part is labeled “Z-AXIS LEAD SCREW ACME #30566-01

Am I good to move forward, or do I have the wrong part in my kit? I did a search for 30566 in the instructions for this step and did not find it.

I’ve been only using SKUs for matching parts, as i found the label names don’t always match the parts lists in the instructions.

Is it possible the SKU I have is for the entire kit, and the ACME Lead Screw as packaged just does not have a SKU?



30566-01 is the part number for the entire kit and 30396-01 is the part number for the ACME screw itself.

We are migrating the naming convention so the first few days shipments will have the correct part number but names won’t be exact. We had to make a decision to hold orders and relabel the bags or ship them with some of the names accurate but not exact matches to the instructions. We decided that customers would be more upset if we held their orders to relabel all the bags since the part numbers were correct.

It was a tough call.

Sorry for the confusion.


I for one am very glad with the decision you made, it was pretty easy to figure out.