Acoustic guitar neck modeling

I am a luthier looking to get some help carving guitar parts. Does anyone know if there are g-code files out there for acoustics. Or, are there services that will design a guitar neck for you?

I’m sure that there are files out there and people to do it for you. You are doing yourself a disadvantage though by not trying it yourself in a 3D cad program. I did a tele neck tutorial and you can see step by step how I approached it in Rhino 3d. Fusion 360 is apparently free for a year if you are an amateur. You may want to give it a shot. This thread is ruined by the photobucket hostage taking, but maybe you’ll see what’s up with the process.

Thanks! One more question, what is the best way to learn Rhino 3D? Or, how did you learn it?

I downloaded it and eventually bought it. They have tutorials on how to use each tool. I started out with simple shapes. Lines, squares, triangles, circles. Once I got the hang of those tools I learned how to make surfaces. Once I had a command of the surface techniques, I started making solids and them combining them. Rhino seems to be more intuititive than fushion 360 from what I can see because the toolbars are right in front of you, like MS paint and other similar programs.

Thanks Marty!!