Acrylic Projects - Bit & Settings Help

Hello all!

Looking to get into cutting out channels into acrylic for LED neon sign projects. While I’ve been familiarizing myself with Easel, I’ve also been spending some time looking for what bits and settings would work well for this.

Would be clear acrylic sheets, around 5mm thick. Planning on carving 3.5mm deep channels in and then cutting the sign out itself. The LED neon itself is around 6mm, so a 1/4in bit would be necessary right?

So for example this would probably be a good fit?

And then running settings as such with a RPM of 18,000:
FEED: 125/in min
PLUNGE: 45/in min

Would be happy to hear about peoples experience with acrylic as well as any tips or recommendations.

Particularly going off of this video at the moment, as its been a very clear and concise one:

But as always I like to ask around first before really delving in myself (:

I have cut A TON of acrylic and my router has never left speed position 1 (DeWalt).