Acrylic test cuts on the Carvey

Here are some results of cutting acrylic with a selection of different bits I have, feed speed was 500mm/min and DOC was 0.5mm.

The bits used were:

Bit 1 - 0.125 2F Spiral (EBay)
Bit 2 - 0.125 1F Spiral (Inventables)
Bit 3 - 3mm 2F Spiral (unknown)
Bit 4 - 0.125 2F Spiral (Inventables)
Bit 5 - 0.125 2F Straight (Inventables)

Going by the comment by DouglasSchafer in the other thread, the chips should be sugar size, so the only one that really failed with some obvious re-melting was Bit 5, the 1 flute, Bit 2 produced some long spirals as well as chips.

I may re-do with different feed speeds and DOC and see what changes.

Bit 1

Bit 2

Bit 3

Bit 4

Bit 5


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