Add design

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to x-carve and this is my first topic,
could any one help me on how to add a design to Easel Pro, i have a design on Photoshop as example so can i import the design to Easel-Pro directly ?

If you mean you want to bring an image into Easel, you have a few options, all under “Import” in Easel.

If you have your graphic saved as an image file, you can try an “Image Trace”. You’ll have to play with the sliders to try and get the best trace, and depending on how intricate your design is, this might not get you the results your after.

If you can save your graphic in either *.svg or *.dxf format, you can import either of those directly into Easel, and that will give you the best results.

Inkscape is a free program that will let you save as .svg. Photoshop doesn’t do vector graphics, but if you have Illustrator, you can save as .svg with that…