Add to wishlist

It would be nice to have an “add to wishlist” button along with the “add to cart” one.

I am preparing to place an order for a custom configuration. I started adding items to the cart on my work computer, only to realize that they live in a local cookie when I came home to continue where I left of. A wishlist would take care of that… and would save the copy/paste trips to Evernote and back.

A wishlist is also good for marketing. People tend to add there items they don’t need along with the ones they do.


And that the wish list is attached to the account logged in and not to a device. That way someone can build a wish list on one device and continue to add things on another device as long as they are logged in to their account.

From experience I have items in my shopping cart here on my computer, but I shy away from adding anything to my shopping cart on my phone or tablet because they don’t share shopping carts.