Added my first vid using my X-Carve to Youtube - My Small X-Carve Biz

I became too unwell to work a normal job so I created a business based around my X-Carve. It has been the best opportunity and I have just made a vid showing the process of making one of my items. I wanted to share with my fellow X-Carvers.

Feel free to tell me if you too have created a small business off your machine!
And feedbacks welcome. (I’m not that great at making vids yet, but hopefully I’ll get better with practice.)


That’s very cool! I tried to start a thread last year about XC’s paying for themselves. How did you get your hangers to hang level? How many other critters do you have?

I have 6 other animal hangers. To get them to balance was trial and error. :slight_smile:
Have you created a small business from your XCarve?

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Your clocks are awesome. Good stuff!

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