Adding a bit - Metric

Hi, I am wondering what is the correct way to add a bit, they all seem to be in imperial measurements, and everything I do is metric. For example, I just measured a bit I have (for surfacing) No, I don’t have the original packaging. it measures 21mm (cut area). Can I enter that size into easel, or do I need to convert it to an imperial size?

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If you are adding it to the library, yes you will need to divide by 25.4 to find the inch equivalent.

However IF you are entering as a temporary bit into the “other” section you can enter as metric or imperial shown here:

Thanx Seth, you are a legend with your replies and knowledge, so if I want to add it to my library, and I divide 6 x 25.4 I get 0.2362, is that what I put in?

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Yes, that’s exactly how you enter it. Oh and Easel will only save 3 decimal places though, but no worries, it will round for you if you enter more :smiley: So you can round first, or you can let it round for ya. :+1:

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