Adding a bowl and Tray bit in Easel Pro

I bought a SpeTool 1/4" shank bowl and tray router bit with 3/4 cutting diameter. This bit is not listed in the inventables list of bits. I tried then to add this bit as a custom bit but the type (upcut, straight cut, downcut etc.) is not listed in the custom bit settings. How may I make use of this bit? This bit is marketed as CNC compatible.


lie to Easel, put as a ball nose 3/4".


Easel does not natively accept ball or bowl bits for the 2.5d workspace and only recently integrated them in for use in the 3d workspace only.
So as Ken said, you’ll have to enter this bit as an endmill, as to the subtype, well that doesn’t actually make any difference to the toolpath so you can pick whichever you like, but mine are entered as Straight cut and Ive given them custom names to differentiate them.
And the preview will not account for the radiuses, so you’d have to imaging the outcome of the carve…

Thanks so much for your input. As a ball nose, I couldn’t see it in 2d project. Happy New year to you!

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