Adding a cheap Ebay 2W laser

Hi Guys,

I’ve been thinking about adding a laser to my X carve but to be honest i don’t know too much about them and so far i haven’t ventured to the world outside of Easel for my carving.
Anyway, one of the things i’m making at the moment leaves me with lots of 120mm plywood discs which with a little design on top would make nice coasters. So i though a little laser would be just the ticket. Would something like this:

Be ok for the job? Its on of them things it cheap enough to try and see and should i use it alot i can then get a more powerful one later on, however at the moment something like the J-tech kit is out my budget.
What software would people recommend for driving the X-carve when using the laser?


Might want to check your local laws concerning lasers. This unit looks like it would not be legal in the USA. It doesn’t appear to have the appropriate interlocks on the laser controller board. Not enough information there to be sure.

At this power level you need to be aware of the safety issues.

I’m in the UK and having done a quick google search I can’t find anything which covers owning a Laser. Just on its use. As i’m not planning on being a total and complete *ick and shining it as planes, i think i’m OK.

is 2W a high power level? Will this be enough to engrave wood?

Not worried about that, it’s your eyes that need protection.

Someone else will have to answer the power question. Lot’s of people here use a 2.8 watt and a 3.8 watt unit, so I’m guessing that 2 watts might work, just might have to move slower to get the same effect for engraving. Cutting would be different.