Adding a cove bit

I am using a 3/4" cove bit to cut a juice groove in my cutting boards. The machine handles it excellently, however I’m having trouble laying out because the only options I have to choose on a custom bit is end cut or v-bit. with the rounded radius my cut width is drastically different then the machine can predict. Wondering if anyone has found a work around for this without a bunch of math, or if there are plans to include different styles of bits into easel.

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Agreed that ball bits in the library would be a good feature as well as correctly displaying the resulting cut in the preview!!

But Here’s my process for using cove and box core bits:
I just enter that as an endmill (set a custom name to identify its actual use) and then to control cusps/scallops you can go to machine>general settings and adjust the stepover amount if needed.

However If you’re just cutting juice grooves then it’ll just follow the rectangle on the line and stepover is irrelevant, oh and that stepover is not saved to the bit itself and you’d need to adjust for each project workpiece… kinda lame workaround IMO but it works

Thank you for the advice, although I’ll have to investigate what a stepover is. It would just be nice if they would add a radius option.



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Here’s some rather straight forward, but still pretty technical, explanation of stepovers as they relate to radiused bits :slight_smile:

Thanks Seth for this. I learn a lot from your comments!

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