Adding a detail bit width

I’m using a 15’ V bit, that’s not in the selections of V bits so I have to add it. I add the angle at 15’ but I also have to put in the width.

What width? Width at the tip, at the shank, at the point of how deep I’ll be cutting? What do I put in here?


I believe that would be the widest part of the cutter.

So on this bit it goes from a sharp point to the shank, the shank is 1/8" so I would put in 0.125. I guess that makes sense as it should then know how wide it is a different depth. I believe it was set at 0.125


You need to measure across the top of the v at the widest spot.

I don’t have the bit with me now but I think it went right to the shank size but I’ll confirm that in the morning

thanks again

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