Adding a IR remote to an xcarve

Does anyone know it an IR remote sold at is compatible with the new xcarve that I just bought and am currently putting together? Here are some specs and more are available on the website.
Battery: CR2025 Button batteries (Included)
Remote control range: max 8m;
Wavelength: 940Nm;
Effective Angle: 60°
Static Current: 3~5uA,
Dynamic Current: 3~5mA
Remote size: 8.5 x 4 x 0.65cm (L x W x H)
Thanks, Dennis

This will not work. The only close solutions I seen when second arduino as runs proxy server and sends G-Code commands to controller but this would require quite some coding to pull off and if you want just pendant solution there are much easier ways to do it.

  • For easel just get small wireless keyboard meant for media centers, and use as secondary keyboard to just use arrow keys. I picked keyboard like that in microcenter for I think 8$, I’m sure you can find something inexpesive in AU
  • If you use GCode sender, there is often overlooked way to remote to it to use as pendant. GCode sender can start local web server and presents you with web page that has pendant control. So you open browser on your phone/tablet and you just point it to IP of the system that is running UGC and you are done.

IR remote would only work if you had someone create a custom interface to the Arduino to accept IR and code to take the IR codes and produce commands.
It can be done but there are better solutions out there.

Thanks to everyone who replied! As you can see I am a real novice at this. I guess I’ll wait until I finish the xcarve assembly, set-up and test runs. Thanks again, Dennis

Dennis thanks for posting. Our forum is the perfect place for exploring what is possible. Please don’t hesitate to look for help with future ideas here as well.