Adding a Rotary Axis

I am a NooB with the X carve, I have only had it for a short time. But it has always been my intention to add a rotary axis to it.
I have read a few post here and almost all say that it can’t be done with the stock X controller, which confuses me a bit (lot).
Wouldn’t it simply be a matter of unplugging the Y axis and plugging the rotary axis in it’s place? So you would have a 2 axis machine (X and Z) with a rotary axis?
I want a rotary axis, but I don’t want to spend lots on getting another controller to do it.
Aspire has a wrapping tool built in, does it output the code to the Y axis as an A axis output?
I have had a look at @ErikJenkins post on adding a rotary axis, but it seems a hard (and expensive) way of doing it.

I have thought about this off and on too. I would agree that you’d have to set it up under the z axis, parallel to the Y axis and use the X axis connector to run the motor. It might be more difficult to actually create the Gcode unless you are writing it by hand. I don’t know if there are 4 axis Grbl controllers. I do know that Mach3 can control an A axis.