Adding bits to easel

I have just started using X carve and want to add the bits I purchased from Inventables into the Easel library - I can’t find how - help please!

It’s not an option… Easel has a fixed library. if you want to carve with something other than the fixed selection, you must manually enter the bit cut radius by selecting OTHER and entering the measured dimensions of the bit you want to use.

Many here will strongly recommend that you use calipers and check the desired bit as most bits are not exactly as advertised. For example a 1/8th bit might measure 0.123 or 0.126… it might seem like only a tiny bit off of the advertised size, but it will have an effect on the quality of your carve. I use the OTHER option for all carves that I generate with Easel. (it’s not necessary for imported G-code)

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Many thanks for your prompt reply Robert - it’s good to know that the forum has a strong knowledge base.