Adding Custom Bits

Adding a 15˚ Whiteside SC54 bit to my “Toolbox” and I’m not sure what to enter under “Cutting Diameter”. The package for the new bit says 1/16 point. Do I enter that, or do I enter 1/4 as the bit increases in size as it moves up to the shank?


Vbits are entered into Easel using the Angle and the MAXimum width of the cutter only. and are presumed to be True V Bits, coming to a perfect point. Using a Flat tipped Vbit will distort the carve as the toolpath generated is not suited for the flat tipped vbit and the carve will remove more material than intended, distorting the result.

The SC54 has a Major width of 1/4" so that is the width to enter into Easel.

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