Adding different Bit sizes to Easel?

Is there any way we can add more bit selections. My V bits I purchased from you on the way. Also nice to add bits I’m planning to buy like 1/4" down-cut, up-cut different sizes with 1/4 collet.

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Hi Alan,

Thanks for asking about this. We’re currently working to expand the variety of bits in Easel to better reflect the bits we sell in our store. What kind of materials do you plan to carve?

Any wood shows signs better. Didn’t make selection yet. I want to try simple leftover plywoods first.

Hi Chris–

Has this feature been added yet? I can’t find any way to add my bits to the tool database

But I’m not even seeing a place that says “custom”… What am I missing?

Is it the box where you input a numerical value? I assume that would be diameter of a new bit? But it doesn’t allow me a TYPE of bit (ie. there’s no place to input a angled engraving bit).

My Easel interface doesn’t have the “other “option. I saw it on a YouTube video but it’s nowhere to be found on mine

I figured the problem might be that a v-carve bit would require a different geometry to get the width of engraving right. I’ll have to figure that out each time I carve.

I’m used to using Aspire on the work CNC, where the tool database is very detailed.

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Thanks for all of the help Phil!

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