Adding fonts

Is there a old English font in Easel text or can it added. Thanks

Thank you …

Much easier to adjust font in inkscape too

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When you design text based stuff in Inkscape, make sure to select all and Ctrl+Shift+C to convert it to paths after you finish your design but before you save to svg. Easel doesn’t like imported text, but it doesn’t mind imported object paths.



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I have the same question did you ever get an answer? cannot find it here

Easel have a limited fonts available, there are some add-ons which require Pro feature.
Outside of that you can not add fonts in Easel.

The simpler way is to use either a different program like Paint / Photoshop / Inkscape which have access to all fonts installed on your computer, and export this (as SVG if allowed) and import this into Easel for finalization/carving.