Adding macros and/or ability to use a touch plate

Would love to be able to execute macros, or at least be able to use a touch plate to zero z axis.


Hear hear! This is the main reason I’m using CP at the moment instead of Easel. Easel now has everything else I want, but being able to use the touch probe. :slight_smile:

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At the moment my workaround, when I need to be consistent, is to use a multimeter in continuity test mode to find the top of my touch plate. Then remove the plate and move down the proper number of clicks for the known height of my touch plate. That works, but it’s a lot more clumsy.

You could also use Easel’s Machine Inspector / Console to send a Macro to automate the process to some degree.

Since Easel has provision for sending discrete commands to XCarve,
you could send groups of commands to use your plate. For instance, the
command to find the plate and save the Z axis location is G38.2, which
is normally incorporated into a macro like mine:
G20 G38.2 Z-.5 F2; G92 Z.5; G91; G0 Z0.25; G90

Breaking it down:
G20 G38.2 Z-.5 F2; - set to inches, move to plate at 2ipm, go to Z-0.5
G92 Z.5; - set the reference location of Z to 0.5"
G91; G0 Z0.25; G90 - set to relative locate; raise the bit 0.25" (my preference), set back to absolute reference

Thanks Bill! I didn’t realize that was possible through Easel. Much easier than what I’m doing now.

Something I just thought about is how you might have to enter the macro terms in Easel. The semicolons separate the string into different phases of the command structure. UGS parses the macro and utilizes each portion without having to do anything else. Easel may not parse the string, so you might have to enter the commands individually, such as:

G20 G38.2 Z-.5 F2 (moves the spindle down until the bit touches your plate)

G92 Z.5 (stores the position as the thickness of your plate - mine is 0.5")

G91 G0 Z0.25 (sets system to relative position,raises the bit 0.25" above the plate and stores the position)

G90 (sets the system back to absolute position)

Rather than the macro as I posted it:
G20 G38.2 Z-.5 F2; G92 Z.5; G91; G0 Z0.25; G90

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Yep. I gave it a try and you have to enter each command separately. I still like that better than what I was doing. Thanks.

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