Adding new bit

I added a bit, and it is ghosted out and wont let me select it. It is a freud 19-506 dish carver. It would be awesome if you could enter a bit part number and it would add it automatically!

Is this a coincidence that today is the first of the month and the ability to save bits to the library is feature of the Easel Pro accounts. I think they go to an unclickable grey color IF the account revert to the Easel Basic (free) version.

Can you click the Easel icon at the very top left and go to the account tab and verify you have an active Easel Pro account?

Yes, sorry i do have easel pro. I figured it out by separating my operations.

Now, as the machine is assuming i have a flat bottom 3/4 inch bit in there, the tool path will want to take a healthy chunk with each pass, leaving the bottom “wavy” as it is a bowl bit with radiused edge. The actual flat at the bottom is 1/4 of an inch (ugh, im really going to have to step up my decimal game arent i!). So can i make the tool paths less than 0.25 per horizontal run? What im trying to partially automate is making trays with a radiused inside edge. This is my task, clearing out the inside and leaving a 0.25 wall or less, then radiusing the outer edge. Ignore the pipe! This amazingly time consuming with my router and templates. Next i need to figure out how to insure the cut is dead centered along the major axis, since its hickory with walnut in the center, sandwiched with curly maple.

Okay, so if you need a different stepover you can adjust that by going to Machine>General Settings and there are 2 stepover settings, the left settings is for endmills and the right is for Vbit stepover which is for when V bits make flat bottom pockets. So you’ll have to use a little geometry math to determine the correct stepover percentage with that bit to not end up with scallops from the radius of the bit … .

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