Adding New Toosl into "Fusion 360"

Mother of god…

I am attempting to finally set up my machine to do carves from Fusion 360 Designs But, I need to add tools.

But, holy hell… “Shoulder Length?” I do not even know where to find that information. When I look at the tool, I can’t even note a distinguishable area which would qualify… Do I just place a “0”?

Unfortunately the link is simply showing me a series of search results.

I think that it being a search was the point. Did you look at any of the links to see if they helped you with your questions?

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I did.
I found no clear answer on the matter.
I then posted a question.
I then received a response with a link.

I then clicked the link which presented almost precisely the same results which my initial search did.

I asked a question due to the inability to find the answer. As far as forums go, I believed that was the point.

Use the distance from the plastic to the top of the cutting flutes. then enter the length of the flutes. These are the only important measurements for fusion to check for holder collisions and to not let you cut deeper than the cutter can do

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If I may ask, what plastic might you be referring to?

The collar on the bits or in lieu of that the distance that the bit will stick out from the collet and the start of the cutting flutes. Really isn’t critical

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Ohhhh… ok. from the flutes to the Collet on the router with the shank inserted?

When using the link provided from RobertCanning I went to the second post (seemed most relevant) and I scrolled down the post and seen this.

Stealing from the last link. Picture is worth a bunch of words.

In the case of a straight bit where the shaft diameter and diameter is the same there is no shoulder so the shoulder and body length would be the same.

the reason for an answer with a link is since this has been discussed in great detail there would little to no reason to cover it over and over, it just clogs up the forum to post the same thing over and over.

I always get slammed for being rude but then again I did not need this info but found it in under a minute by using the link provided.

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That pic is a tremendous help. Thank you.

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