Adding notes about your specific carve

I often find myself making notes about a carve of little things to remember or why I have settings a certain way. Or things to watch for in a specific carving. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “Notes” feature so when you want to make notes about the carve they are saved with the project. I would guess this would be a fairly easy feature to add?


What would be better is layers.

Layers? Of notes?

no layers so you can use one for notes and select a box to tell the machine that its not to be carved.


AH YES INDEED ! That is a great idea.

I definitely concur. A lot of my projects I make text to leave notes for myself about what parts are for or what I am supposed to do to finish the pieces. Doing that, though, slows down Easel.

Or for pieces that require I flip or turn a piece it would be nice to disable one layer without having to go to the trouble of modifying the contents and simply mark layers as invisible while other layers are cutting.

I know you can do this for Cad applications and even Illustrator and tell it not to render/print those layers.

So, I’m onboard here with the notes thing. Has anyone figured something out. I find myself making long file names to remind me what is going on in the carve. I’d prefer to have a notes section and use the same carve, and make minor changes as needed, then to save a bunch of files that are slightly different.

Have you tried using the “notes” feature on workpieces?


Thanks. I missed that feature as well as that window at the bottom.

Missed that! Perfect solution. Thanks.