Adding Z probe

Hi All
I have now got my machine set up, calibrated and running great in Easel Pro.
I want to now add a Z probe but am a little scared to go through machine set up from new to add this. I am worried about upsetting things as it’s working so well.
if I do the set up again, is it possible I might lose or disrupt things, or will E Pro retain jobs, toolbox, etc? TIA

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Hi Garry, is this the standard inventables probe that measures in at 14.99mm thick? if it is then you can go in to Machine>Edit Machine and at the bottom under accessories you can tick that box, then hit save. . . IF it is a different thickness, unfortunately the only way to setup a custom thickness is by doing a machine setup. the projects won’t be effected, the toolbox could be effected IF you had assigned certain tools to certain machine profiles, but those can be re-assigned they are not deleted, they will just loose their assignment if you delete the existing profile, that’s all.

Personally I don’t love how easel can forget the custom probe thickness and it’ll re-set it to 14.99mm so since I use a custom probe, I actually use a different program as my sender… BUT there should be no problem at all if you’re using the Inventables 14.99mm one.

Seth, thanks so much. Your replies are always quick and detailed. I will get the 14.99mm probe if that makes retro fitting easier in Easel.
Will that tick box then just bring up the pop ups for the z probe when carving?

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Correct, if you just turn on the zprobe accessory (even now without using it) you’ll get one screen asking how you want to set z using the probe or the manual method. so you can just pick manual for no until you get the right probe if that’s the route you want to take :slight_smile:

Cool - thanks so much Seth!

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